T H E   R E M A I N S   O F   T H E   D A Y   1 9 9 4  

x Emma Thompson as : Miss KentonSchlegel
x Directed by : James Ivory
x Written by : Ruth Prawer Jhabvala / Kazuo Ishiguru [novel]
x Main cast :Anthony Hopkins, Hugh Grant, James Fox

x The Story : Stevens is the perfect English butler. Now employed by Mr Lewis, the new American owner of Darlington Hall, Stevens has spent the vast part of his working life serving Lord Darlington, the host of many prestigious international conferences in the early 1930s. It was only when war broke out in 1939, that Lord Darlington's involvement with the Nazi party was uncovered. Now, 20 years later Stevens realises that his unquestioning faith and dedication to his duty were misplaced, and cost him dearly in his personal life. Over several years he carried on an intense relationship with the Estate's attractive young housekeeper, Miss Kenton. But his unwavering sense of duty led Stevens to deny his emotions - and eventually drive away the woman he loved, now 20 years later he wants to make amends.

x Takes on Emma" Hopkins masters it all, as does Thompson, whose smaller, supporting role, is as fully realized as any of her others
---- Marc Savlov @austinchronicle.com

" Thompson is dazzlingly good, switching moods from comic to tragic with the skill of a sorceress."
---- Peter Travers @rollingstone.com

" Thompson, in a performance as polished as the Darlington silver, infuses the film with warmth, humor and enormous passion despite the starchiness of her apron. Clearly she and Hopkins, who played her husband in "Howards End," carry over much of the rapport they shared in that film. They are at once a staid and sexy couple, though they never speak of love, only of the parlor's needing a good dusting. "
----Rita Kempley @washingtonpost.com

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