S A I D   A B O U T   E M M A  

She's my favourite barefoot actress!
-Prince Charles

She is driven by a vocation. Writing is hard. Who would do it unless they had to? She is one of the few writers who has got to see a really good film of their work [in Sense and Sensibility]. It doesn't happen very often.
-Lindsay Doran on Emmas S&S screenplay-

I am very excited to work with Emma. She brings such life and spirit to the characters she portrays. It will be exciting to see her as Trelawney.
-Alfonso Cuaron, director of "Harry Potter & the prisoner of Azkaban

She has a marvelous, bawdy sense of humour - she's serious about the work, but doesn't take herself serious. We laugh and awful lot.
-Anthony Hopkins-

People applauded her on the set. She was a fun person, a happy person. A pleasure to be around.
-Arnold Schwarzenegger-

She reads the script, gets it under her skin and leaves herself alone. She doesn't make great moments, she stays light on her feet and the emotions flow because she's not trying to hard.
-Christopher Reed-

She's got a good perspective - a 'this is only a job' attitude. Unique and a lot of fun. She comes well prepared, she is rcise about the objective and one of the best actresses I've worked with.
-Anthony Hopkins-

She was looking at me from every angle, like a piece of sculputer she was going to buy. She said: "I'm sorry, but I have to touch you. Can you lie down on the floor?" And she was rolling about with me on the floor. I was laughing my head off over the whole approach.
-Arnold Schwarzenegger-

She's got a fantastic clarity in her acting. She's very uncutered in what she does, because she's very intelligent in how she approaches the material. You really do feel an emotional appeal from her.
-Mel Smith-