A B O U T   T H E   S I T E
  • launched: march04
  • host: tripod
  • tools: I use Corel Photo Paint, and Adobe Photoshop for my graphics
    For the html I use notpad
    I use a news-system provided by newssystem4u.de

    P A S T   L A Y O U T S
    3 Another version of nr 2. I tried to make the graphic look good in black & white. But I never quite got it. It was only up for a couple of weeks, and I was really happy about replacing it with the current layout!!

    2 I really loved this layout. It was bright, and different from anything I'd made before. It was up for a month or so. I took it down because the whole layout looked abit to yellow and pink. It was hard to make a good stylesheet for the graphic. But it is still among my faves.....

    1 This layout was called "blue", simply because it is. It was the first major layout on this site. I was quite happy with the graphic, but in the end the layout wasn't very practical; having the navigation bar situated on the graphic's left side. A lot of scrolling there really!!!